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Yishu : Chinese calligraphy

This ancient art had always fascinated me, so while teaching design students in Taiwan from 2012-14 I took the opportunity to learn Chinese calligraphy. My teacher was a professor and artist who, despite his incredible calligraphy skills, nevetheless continued to spend every day practicing this art to perfection. His English was limited and my Chinese none existent but somehow we managed to communicate inbetween endless cups of green tea. My weekly two-hour lessons helped me understand the philosophy behind this ancient art, even if I never reach the dizzying heights of a skilled calligraphist. I hoped it would help improve my grasp of the Chinese language but sadly I failed dismally in that department. It was nevertheless a very rewarding experience and I learned a great deal and will always be indebited to my teacher for his patience and his wife who quietly supplied food while we worked.