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CP trike 1974

This was a major final year project for my Industrial design (Dip A.D.(eng) BA) at Newcastle upon Tyne polytechnic. It was a tricycle specifically designed for handicapped children with cerebral palsy. Due to the children's poor coordination, their hands and feet had to be helped to maintain contact and control over the trike. After some research and visits to a local CP centre the design was sketched out. The grips had extra rubber strips that went over their hands and their feet slotted into the pedals, which also had rubber strips for extra security. The pedals also maintained a horizontal position as the cranks rotated keeping their feet correctly aligned. The GRP bucket seat ensured side support and these additional unique features also gave this trike an usual look. It was painted in a bright racy orange and black. On completion the trike was tested at the local centre for CP children and everyone seemed to enjoy riding it.

Building the trike required learning to weld and bend the tubing for the frame and fibre glass (GRP) the bucket seat. Most bearings were made from nylon, which I turned on a lathe. The forks had to be 'forged' (heated, bent & welded). There was plenty of detailed work also involved in getting the pedal chain-drives to function correctly. Finally, molds had to be made for the vaccuum formed plastic covers for the pedal chain-drives. Bought items included the wheels, bottom bracket bearings, cranks, QR clamps, chains and cogs.