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Electra concept car

A personal sportscar project (originally called Proton) based on an unfinished college project from 1976. While still at college I was offered a job as designer at Porsche in their R&D studio, Weissach, Germany. The offer came with strings. To accept the offer I had to start straight away and abandon my RCA MA degree course. I did not hesitate and in January 1976 began working as a designer for Porsche. As such my final year college project, in the form of a half finished scale clay model, was never finished. The clay was no doubt recycled for another student project and so it was never seen again. I decided to revive this project around 2015, based roughly on what I could remember and a couple of old sketches.

Having grown up in an analog design world where designers worked at drawing boards and not computers, I was old school and a reluctant late comer to 3D modelling on computers. My first introduction to this new world was Alias Wavefront in 1989, while working for a large German engineering consultancy. Over the next years I dabbled with various 3D software until 2012 when I was introduced to Rhino 3D. I found this program easier to use and began to immerse myself in it. Eventually I produced many designs while learning and experimenting with Rhino and later the more versatile Blender 3D program. This Electra concept was one of many variations on this old college project and obviously it benefitted from later design trends and my own design experience over the original student model.