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3000 meters, Alps, I

3000 meters, Alps, F

3D Rhino & Blender interfaces



Alfa Romeo 8 (front)

Alfa Romeo 8 (studio)

Alfa Romeo 8C (racing)

Alias Wavefront model 1989

Angler, beach, ES

Andalucian street, ES


Antequera, (San Sebastian tower), ES

Antequera, (aerial view) ES

Ant vector, (photo-artwork)


Arch bridge, Black Forest, D

Archway, Karlsruhe Schloss, D



Artwork - Flamingo park, ES

Artist, (watercolour) Changhua, TW

Artist Hung Yi, Taichung, TW

Austin Sheerline body (3D model)

Autumn log, Black Forest, D




Bamboo forest, TW

Bar - restaurant, (horses), ES

Basilica Sagrada, Barcelona, ES

Basilica, Lyon, F

Basilica, Lyon, (full) F

Beach at night, ES

Beach, Andalucia, ES

Beanstalk, TW

Bearded collie (young Boots)

Bearded collie ( Boots racing)

Bearded collie & frizbie (Boots)

Bee on a wildflower

Bee (blue) on a white wall, ES

Bee on a wildflower

Bee hovering over a wildflower, D

Bee and flower

Bee with ladybird, D

Beetle (blue & green) TW

Bentley dash, Taichung, TW

Berlin main station, (façade), D

Beta - concept car (top 3/4 3D model)

Beta - concept car (rear-top 3D model)

Beta - concept car (undercarriage)

Beta - concept car (3/4 rear 3D model)

Beta - concept car (3/4 rear-top)

Beta - concept car (design dev.)

Beta concept car (3/4 front 3D model)

Bicycle (pink), F

Bird silhouette in forest

Bird singing silhouette, D


Bird, Aowanda, TW

Blackbird, Black Forest, D

Black bulbul, TW

Black cat, Cote d'Azure village, F

Blackcap, Black Forest, D

Black Forest artscreen (studio)

Black Forest artscreen (template)

Black Forest misty, D

Black Forest tree-top walk, D

Black Forest winter scene, D

Black redstart chicks, (nest), D

Black swan, Black Forest, D

Black swan, (cygnet), D

Blue butterfly, (tiny), D

Blue butterfly, (tiny), wildflowers, D

Blue-tailed skink, TW

Blue-tailed skink, TW

Blue magpie in flight, TW

Blue magpie, (frontal in flight), TW

Brass band, Fuengirola, ES

Bracket fungus, Black Forest, D

Broom shop, Scotland

Brown butterflies

Buddha Baghuashan, Changhua, TW

Buddhist monk, Taichung, TW

Buddha, Art street, Taichung, TW

Bug (camouflaged)

Bugs (trio primary colours), D

Bulfinch, D

Bulrushes, ES

Bus shelters, Taichung, TW

Butterfly (brown)

Butterfly (brown on thistle), D

Butterfly (danaid eggfly), TW

Butterfly (blue-black-white), TW

Butterfly and daisy, D

Butterfly (small yellow), TW

Butterfly (Peacock pansy), TW

Butterfly (brown & white)

Butterfly (small yellow-orange)

Butterfly (brimstone on flower), D

Butterfly (peacock)

Butterfly (thistle flower), D

Butterfly or moth

Butterfly (speckled wood)

Butterfly in oils, (painting)

Butterflies mating, TW

Butterflies, (red admiral), D

Butterfly in summer, Black Forest, D

Butterfly (swallowtail), ES

Butterfly (tortoiseshell), D

Bushfire aftermath, ES


Camargue - flamingos, F

Capercaillie (Auerhahn) sculpture

Car, pencil sketch

Carnival, Fuengirola, ES

Cat whiskers, (B&W)

Cat eyes, ES

Cat (lounging), TW

Catepillar (hairy), TW

Caux Palace Hotel, Caux, CH

Chaffinch, Black Forest, D

Changhua, (street scene), TW

Changhua panorama, Baghuashan, TW

Chapel, Taichung, TW

Charlie in oils, (painting)

Chateaux silhouette, CH

Chiayi, (street scene) TW

Chimneys, Alps, A

Cicada, (close up) TW

Cicada, (side view) TW

Cicadas galore, TW

Citreon 2CV Design

Clouds, Black Forest, D

Clouds over Lake Geneva, CH

Coachmen, Cordoba, ES

Cockrells, (backyard), TW

Concept one, (3D model)

Cormorant, (closeup profile), ES

Cormorant, Pforzheim, D

Cormorant, Karlsruhe park, D

Cormorant, (wings spread), D

Cormorant swimming, Constance, D

Coscoroba Swans, D

Cottage, Warwick, UK

Cottage, Lüneburg, D

Crested tit, Black Forest, D

Cricket, D

Crossbill, (expired), D

Cyclist (fixie) Taichung, TW

Cyclo-cross race, UK

Cyclist in the rain (Vevey), CH


Dad - portrait in oils

Deer (fawn), Black Forest, D


Dew, Black Forest, D

Donkey, Gran Paradiso, I

Donkey, (frontal closeup), ES

Donkey & egret, ES

Doodle, (artwork)

Dove (collared), ES

Dove in flight, (collared), ES

Dove on telegraph pole, ES

Doves, Taichung park, TW

Dragonfly, D

Dragon/mayfly, TW

Drummers, carnival, ES

Duck (white-faced whistling), D

Duck (top view), D

Duck, (B&W reflections), D

Duck in flight, ES

Duck meditation, ES

Duck vs fish, ES

Duckling, Black Forest, D


Eagle (golden), medieval market, ES

Eagle owl, zoo, D

Early automotive work

Eckard Design, (EDAG), D

Ekranoplan design project

Egli-CBX Honda, (Target Design)

Egyptian goose, PF, D

Egret in flight, Andalucia, ES

Egret, Andalucia, ES

Egret, (snowy) Andalucia, ES

Egret in flight, ES

Egret spears fish, ES

Egrets (two head shots), ES

Egret reflections, ES

Egret with snake, TW

Egret golden sunset, ES

Egret & turtle (greeting), ES

Egret & turtle, ES

Egret, Taichung park, TW

Egret (snowy egret in flight), ES

Egrets (flock in flight), ES

Egret (snowy egret) coastline, ES

Egret (snowy egret) takes flight, ES

Egret in a tree (one leg), ES

Egret fishing, ES

Egret (snowy), fishing, ES

Egret paddling, ES

Egret on rocks, ES

Egret in flight, ES

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, D

Electra concept car (variations)

Electra concept car (red)

Electra concept car (3D model)

Electra concept car (3D model)

Electra concept II

Electra concept II (f&r)

Electra concept car (3D model black)

Electra concept car (plan view)

Electra X concept car

Electra concept car (wrap)

English church, Black Forest, D

Eurostar HS rail design

Ewe in snow, Black Forest, D

Ewe in spring, Black Forest, D

Expo 92, Seville, ES

Expo 92, Hungarian pavilion, ES

Expo 92,Japanese pavilion, ES

Expo 92, Moroccan pavilion, ES



Fair (international), Fuengirola, ES

Fern, Black Forest, D

Fern and insect, Black Forest, D

Festival (international), ES

Fiddler on a bike, Monaco

Fieldfare, Black Forest, D

Fireworks, Bad Liebenzell, D

Fish (Malaga harbour), ES

Fish (Malaga harbour), ES

Fish (grey mullet), ES

Fish & boat in harbour, ES

Fish - black & white

Fish (grey mullet), ES

Fish, Taichung, TW

Flamenco dancers, ES

Flamenco festival, Fuengirola, ES

Flamingo head, (Karlsruhe zoo), D


Flower (white)

Fly (3D model)

Flycatcher, outback, ES

Fly planet (3D model)

Foal, Andalucia, ES


Forest (blackbird), D

Frog in a bog, Andalucia, ES

Froglet, Black Forest, D

Frogs mating, Black Forest, D


Galeria Vista, Black Forest, D

Gannet (headshot) B&W

Gardeners, Taichung park, TW

Gecko (small), TW

Gecko headshot, TW

Gecko on rocks, ES

Gecko on rocks (big-eyes), ES

Gecko, (forest), TW

Gecko, (headshot), TW


Girl with parasol, Kaohsiung, TW

Glass (spirit), 3D model

Glass & bottle, 3D model

Glass lizard, Black Forest, D

Glass lizard, Black Forest, D

Glass lizard, Black Forest, D

Gnu in a zoo, Karlsruhe, D

Godwit, (black-winged), ES

Goldeneye duck, Constance, D

Goldfinch, (outback), ES

Grass with dew

Grass, (seeds isolated), D

Grass snake vs toad/frog, D

Grasshopper, Black Forest, D

Grasshopper, (fence), TW

Great tit, (nest feed), D

Great tit, (grub), D

Great tit montage, (nest), D

Greenway (evolution), Taichung, TW

Greenway (Calligraphy), Taichung, TW

Guggenheim museum, Bilbao, ES

Gull landing on log, Cordoba, ES

Gull floating on water, ES

Gull (herring) in flight (above), ES

Gull in flight (B&W), ES

Gull on lookout post, ES

Gull on lookout (radar), ES

Gull in flight (colour), ES

Gull on water, (landing), ES

Gull on land, (profile), ES

Gull dive (skimming), ES

Gull hovering, ES

Gull flight close up, ES

Gull in flight, ES

Gull on land, (side profile), ES

Gull on water, (landing), ES

Gulls (aerial log), Cordoba, ES


Hamburg Rathaus,D

Harbour reflections, ES

Hare, Black Forest, D

Hay bales, (field), UK

Hat (Asian straw), TW

Head sculpture, (artwork)

Heron & crow, Pforzheim, D

Heron (grey), Pforzheim, D

Heron, Pforzheim, D

Heron (grey), Pforzheim, D

Heron (night heron), ES

Heron in flight, Pforzheim, D

Heron, Vevey, Lac Leman, CH

Heron (great blue), D

Heron head, Pforzheim, D

Heron (night heron), TW

Heron (in flight), Pforzheim, D

Heron (night heron), ES

Heron (Malayan night heron), TW

Heron in flight, Pforzheim, D

Heron in a tree, Pforzheim, D

Herons (Night herons), TW

Heron (Great blue), D

Hill, Graham, Silverstone, UK

Hofburg Palace, Vienna/Wien, A

Hofburg Palace, Vienna/Wien, A

Honda R&D (Europe) motorcycles

Honker race car body, 3D model

Hoopoe in a tree, ES

Hoopoe on a path, ES

Hoopoe on the ground, (crest) ES

Horse (Andalusia), ES

Horse & carriage, Vienna, A

Hotel One, Taichung, TW

House (abandoned), Cote d'Azure, F


Imperia statue, Konstanz, D

Inkcap mushroom, D


Insect on daisy flower

Insect (mayfly) on grass

Interior (car design) project


Jaguar XK-EJ 3D model 2016

Jaguar XK-EJ 3D, (Blender interface)

Jaguar XK-EJ 3D, (Blender interface)

Jaguar XK-EJ 3D model, (exploded)

Jay (young), Black Forest, D

Jazz graphic, (illustration)

Jet (landing) Hamburg, D

Jetsam head & cartoon

Joy mountain pass, (2014), TW


Karlsplatz, Vienna, A

Karlsruhe Schloss (palace), D

Karlsruhe Schlosslichtspiel, D

Kaohsiung MRT station, TW

Konstanz harbour, Constance, D

Kestrel in flight, (outback), ES

Kestrel on a telegraph pole

Kingfisher (side), ES

Kingfisher (back), ES

Kingfisher in flight, ES

Kitten, (balcony), ES

Klimt pencil sketch, (artwork)


Lac leman, (lake Geneva), CH

Lake Geneva, (cloudscape), CH

Lancia Stratos (gold - 3D model)

Lancia Stratos (3D model)

Lancia Stratos (studio 3D model)

Leaves (silver), Black Forest, D

Leonardo sketch, (artwork)

Lifeguard, Andalucia, ES

Lizard (pair), ES

Lizard, (smooth), TW

Lizard, (Knobbly - wall), ES

Lizard, ES

Lizard, (white rock), ES

Lizard (close up), ES

Lizard on the rocks, ES

Lizard (close up), TW

Lizard (regrown tail), ES

Lizard (headshot), ES

Lotus 49 F1 (3D model)

Lotus 49 F1 (3D model)

Lukang Mazu temple, Changhua, TW

Lyon Cafe Les Lyonnais, F

Lyon cafe society, F

Lyon cathedral, F

Lyon station forecourt, F


Magpie (balcony railings), D

Magpie (blue - moon), TW

Mallard duck (drake)

Mallard duck (female profile)

Mallard duck (female swimming), D

Mallard duck in flight

Mandarin duck, (kurpark), D

Mayfly (crimson marsh glider), TW

Meadow of daisies, Sommerberg, D

Merganser duck, Constance, D

Mijas, (sea mist), ES

Millpond, (arch bridge) Black Forest, D

MISC. (Places) PAGE

Misty (church) UK

Modi shop, Budapest, H

Montreaux skyscaper, CH

Moon composite, (D/ES)

Mosque silhouette, Fuengirola, ES

Moth (Jersey tiger), B. Forest, D

Motorbike (Sanyang), TW

MX-1 motorcycle design project

Motorcycle design (BMW K100RS)

Motorguzzi, (graffiti), D


Nantou light festival, TW

Nagold river, Pforzheim, D

Neckar river, Tübingen, D

New Palace, Schlossplatz, D

Newt, Black Forest, D

Newt, (crested-hand), Black Forest, D

Night heron (Malayan), TW

Nightjar and chick, TW

Norwegian Forest hotel, Taichung, TW

Nuthatch, Black Forest, D

Nuthatch, (garden) Black Forest, D

Nuthatch, (young) Black Forest, D


Old England hotel, TW

Orchids on a tree, TW

Orthodox church, Russia

Outback, (burnt) ES

Outback, (horseman), ES

Owl (long-eared), ES

Owl (barn), ES


Parasailer, ES

Parrot-cockatoo, D

Parakeet, ES

Paris, Champs Elysee, F

Peacock mural (artwork)

Pencil sketch (Photo-book Jacob Holdt)

PHOTO PAGE (original)


Pigeons pair on beach, ES

Pigeons in flight on beach, ES

Pigeon and parakeet, ES

Pigeon hole, (sohail castle), ES

Piper Comanche, Innsbruck, A


Pochard duck, Constance, D

Porsche 928 sketch (1976)

Portrait in oils (Taiwan girl)

Portrait in oils (selfie - text)

Portrait in acrylic, (self)

Pottery, Andalusia, ES

Prague street scene, CZ

Prague metal forger, CZ

Prague (girl), CZ

Praying mantis, TW

Proton concept car sketch

Pupa, TW

Purple flower, Black Forest, D


Rainbow awning, TW

Rainbow, Black Forest, D

Ram headshot (yellow flowers), D

Ram headshot (front-top), D

Ram (Rambo winter), D

Rambo sculpture and me, D

Rambo sculpture (in progress), D

Rambo sculpture (in progress)

Redstart chick, Black Forest, D

Redstart chicks (nest), D

Redstart chick, Black Forest, D

Redstart (food), D

Redstart (adult, black), D

Redstart (young, black), D

Redstart (black in nest), D

Redstart nest (black), GoPro, D

Reflections, Pforzheim, D


River scene, Konstanz, D

Rocher du Naye, (selfie), CH

Rhone valley, F/CH

Road roller, (abandoned), F

Robin, Black Forest, D

Rocher du Naye outcrop, CH

Robin on a chair, ES

Rock beach, Malaga, ES

Rocks, (wave splash B&W), ES

Rover-Landrover (Discovery) sketch


SCAPES PAGE (landscapes)

Schlossplatz, (girl & bike), D

Sculpture-dragonfly, Taichung, TW


Seascape with lone figure, ES

Sheep feeding with ram, D

Shoveller duck in flight, ES

Single-hand camera design 1987

Silhouette (black drongo), TW

Siskin, (juvenile), Black Forest, D

Siskin, Black Forest, D

Sky over Mijas mountains, ES

Sky, (cloudscape), ES

Storm clouds, Black Forest, D


Small bird (tit), Black Forest, D

Snake (beauty rat), TW

Snailshell, forest, TW

Snail and shell

Snail trail, Black Forest, D

Snow covered mountains, CH

Southwold beach, UK

Southwold beach huts, UK

Southwold pier, (near), UK

Southwold pier, (far), UK


Sparrow, (white wall), ES

Sparrow, (ceramic pot), ES

Spotted flycatcher, outback, ES

Spotted flycatcher, Andalucia, ES

Spider in my room, TW

Spider (silk orb-weaver), TW

Squirrel (red), Black Forest, D

Squirrel (red) Black Forest, D

Squirrel (closeup), Black Forest, D

Squirrel, Taichung park, TW

St. Nicholas church, Hamburg, D

St. Pauls, (dome inner), London, UK

St. Matthius church, Budapest, H

Stilt (black-winged), ES

Stonechat, ES

Stonechat, outback, ES

Students, Dayeh university, TW

Sunflower, (closeup)

Sun Moon Lake, TW

Sunset (statue), Vevey, D

Swallow dive, (outback), ES

Swan take-off, Pforzheim, D

Swan take-off, Pforzheim, D

Swan touch-down (mute), D

Swan in nest with chicks, D

Swan (mute), Pforzheim, D

Swans (long exposure) Vevey, CH

Swifts, Black Forest, D


Tao festival, Dacun, TW

Taichung park, (trees), TW

Taichung park, (pavilion), TW

Taichung at night, TW

Taipei 101, TW


Talbot Eco2000 concept

Taxi, Taipei, TW

Temple & Hotel One, Taichung, TW

Temple (Confucius), Changhua, TW

Temple (Confucian), Taichung, TW

Tende village, F

Terrapins vs fish, Taichung, TW

Tetuan, Morrocco

Toad, Black Forest, D

Tree, wildfire damaged, ES

Tree (Lake Geneva), CH

Trees in mist, Mijas, ES

Trees in Taichung park, TW

Trees in the sky, D

Tree top walk (Baumwipfelpfad), D

Tree canopy, Black Forest, D

Tricycle CP design project 1974

Trophy (ESU) design 1973

Truck - Russia 1994

Tübingen, (river & church), D

Turtle on land, (young), ES

Turtle swimming in river, ES

Turtles on land beside a river, ES

Turtle swims to shore, ES

Turtle on land, ES

Turtle on land (pair), ES

Turtle 'soup', ES

Turtles, (four in a row), ES

Turtles, (13 on a rock), TW


Wagtail, (Kurpark), D

Wagon, Lüneburg, D

Wagon, Lüneburg, D

Wagon, Lüneburg, (outbuildings) D

Warwick/Stratford shop, UK

Washing, F

Watersnake, (surfacing) TW

Watersnake, TW

Warbler, (outback), ES



Waterlilly, Dacun, TW

Waxbills, (outback), ES

Wheel design (3D VR model)

Wheel designs (3D models)

White flower buds on a tree, D

Wildflower (closeup), TW

Wildflower (pink), D

Wildflowers, Black Forest, D

Wildflower & small butterfly, D

Wildflower & insect, Black Forest, D

Wildline bridge, Black Forest, D

Windmill, Dacun, TW

Windmill, Lüneburg, D

Woodpecker (black), B. Forest, D

Woodpecker in a forest

Woodpecker (green), Black Forest, D

Woodpecker, (great spotted), D

Woodpecker, (great spotted), TW

Wrap design (electra 3D model)


Yishu calligraphy (artwork)

Yuanlin, (street scene B&W), TW


Zebras, Karlsruhe zoo, D

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