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Bearded collie (Boots)
Bearded collie Boots takes some welcomed excercise in the local park near Kenilworh, UK ca. 1983. Photographed with a Nikon EM + Nikkor 70mm-200mm in the days before autofocus or even digital photography. Moving at speed towards the camera, possibly one of the hardest situation to capture a subject in focus. That's my excuse anyway. As can be seen by noting where the grass is in focus, I was a little too early taking the shot. This was originally from a colour reversal film and digitised. Interesting to note that with many of these old analog photos is how good the quality was, which only goes to show that a good lens is always better than a good camera as the Nikon EM was the cheapest Nikon at that time. Despite Boots being out of focus I think the image captures Boot's character perfectly.